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Ether One Gets Release Date, New Teaser Trailer

Ether One, the first-person experience in which players attempt to restore the mind of a mentally handicapped patient, has been given a release date. The virtual reality (VR) compatible title will be coming to PC on 25th March 2014. A new teaser trailer has also been released, which can be seen below.

Benni Hill, co-founder of developer White Paper Games, posted the news on IndieDB. The trailer shows a brief look at what is presumably the player entering the client’s mind. From there, players will have to solve puzzles and uncover secrets to restore lost memories using the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Ether One is set to go live on both Steam, where it saw a successful Greenlight campaign, and GOG. Hill didn’t confirm a solid price for the title, stating that it was waiting to get such details “100% confirmed”.

Ether One will be on display at the EGX Rezzed event in Birmingham next month. It takes place shortly after the title’s release, running from 28 – 30 March. VRFocus will be bringing you all the latest on the title was we move closer to launch.

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