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MakeVR Kickstarter Cancelled

MakeVR, the virtual reality (VR) 3D modelling software from Sixense, has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign based on user feedback. An update was rolled-out yesterday with lowered pricing of pledge rewards as well as added new benefits such as beta entry, however this apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy the project lead. A reboot of the campaign is promised for the near-future. makevr_2

As The Road to VR reports, the tweaked prices offered a copy of the software for $95 USD as opposed to the previous $169. This price also included Collaborate3D, which allows for five users to create together in real time. The cost of both the software, two of Sixense’s STEM controllers and the STEM base was cut from $399 to $295. Those accessories alone cost $299 on the Sixense Store.

A beta version of MakeVR was also been added to the benefits, which the page states will arrive in August 2014. Sixense will also be releasing a MakeVR Viewer app that allows up to two people to watch others create in Collaborate3D.

Sixense did make it possible for existing backers to adjust their current pledges. Those that had previously pledged $169 or over for a copy of the software may want to revise their backing to either get the software for the lower price of $95 or bundle in the controllers and base for $295.

MakeVR is currently aiming for a November 2014 release, however there is currently no word on when the Kickstarter campaign will return, nor what goals it will present. VRFocus will bring you all the updates from Sixense’s intentions as they are revealed, but until then you can check out our preview of the MakeVR software here.

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