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Monstrum enters Steam Greenlight Top 100, Releases Q&A

Monstrum, the upcoming horror title with virtual reality (VR) support, has entered the top 100 videogames in Steam’s Greenlight section. That means that Team Junkfish’s title is well on its way to being approved for release on the Steam storefront. As a result, the developer has posted a brief Q&A on the title on its Steam page.

Monstrum_1Monstrum players players on a deserted ship, filled with traps and a monster trying to find you. The objective is simpe: escape. “We’re quite overwhelmed by how well Monstrum has done so far, with the game reaching the top 100 in 10 days,” the developer wrote. “Obviously we still have a fair bit to go yet, but we’re very appreciative of all the people who have voted yes for us.”

The Q&A discusses a range of topics that Team Junkfish has been asked about development. It reveals that the developer is looking into other localisations of Monstrum and that it’s their hope to get the title onto other digital stores such as GOG, Humble Store, Desure and others.

Comparisons with other horror experiences such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent were also addressed. While the posts states that the comparisons are “flattering”, it does reason that these are different exeperiences. “Gameplay wise we’re aiming to have people do more than just run away and hide from the monster,” the post reveals. “While you’ll not be able to kill it out right there are other strategies that you can employ, such as using various distractions so that you can lure it away from an area of the ship you want to explore or setting up traps and snares that will keep it busy too.”

“Another fairly big difference is that Monstrum isn’t a linear, story focused game, so it’s up to you to explore the ship and find things by yourself!”

It was also revealed that the team is keeping the monster designs under wrap for now so as not to spoil the surprise. The title will be shown off next month as both the Games Developers Conference and Rezzed. VRFocus will be on the ground at both to bring you more from Monstrum and other titles.

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