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Monstrum banner

Monstrum Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Team Junkfish has launched a Steam Greenlight Campaign for Monstrum, a virtual reality (VR) videogame that tasks players with escaping from a deadly derelict ship.The title is compatible with the Oculus Rift VR headset and on track for launch in late Q3 2014.Steam Greenlight is a service for Valve’s digital store that allows the community to rate games for release. If Monstrum is rated highly enough, it will be put on sale on Steam’s storefront.


The title’s deserted ship is filled with traps and hazards along with a deadly beast that’s our for the player’s blood. This monster must be avoided as you search for a way out. If it kills the player, they must start again. The announcement trailer for the game is below.

Monstrum is on track for a release on Windows in late Q3, with a release on Mac and Linux platforms also planned. VRFocus will keep you up to date on the game and its Greenlight campaign as it develops.

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