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Oculus Rift Settings Found in Thief Files

A Reddit user has uncovered a set of files inside the PC version of the recently-released Thief that suggests support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (headset) was once being worked on for the stealth experience. User Ananas4 found a file named Oculus Rift settings while browsing through the videogame’s folders. Inside is a list of stats, each labelled “VR” at the start. Could the title be due an Oculus update?

Thief_1Thief release on PC and consoles last week. It’s a first-person experience in which players sneak through enivronments, stealing objects and avoiding confrontations with enemies. Developer Eidos Montreal has not previously mentionned any work involving the Oculus Rift. Listed stats in the file include Eye Pitch, Projection Translation and Field of View (FOV). Some are listed with X and Y variants, presumably referreing to the two different images Oculus-supported titles have to display to run in 3D.

This could well be unfinished or disregarded coding for VR support that wasn’t taken out before the title shipped. As Ananas4 notes, Thief features a few elements that might not fit the platform, namely kill animations that take control of the camera away from the player and plenty of cutscenes.

Still, the title could potentially be patched to add support back in, perhaps once the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is finally release. VRFocus will continue to follow titles that support the headset and bring you the latest.

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