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PrioVR Adds Stretch Goal to Kickstarter Campaign

YEI Technology has revealed the first Kickstarter stretch goal for its PrioVR motion-controller accessory, which is designed to be used with virtual reality (VR) experiences.The motion-detecting suit, which reached its initial $75,000 USD goal in just 5 hours, will come with enhanced multiplayer demos, should it reach a new target of $185,000.

PrioVR_1The target was created based on backer feedback. “We took your comments about using stretch goals to polish and refine PrioVR to heart and think we have a good first stretch goal to announce,” the campaign’s page reads. Once passed, both the Zombie Survivor and Copycat titles will include multiplayer support. The former is an action experience while the latter is a dance simulation.

PrioVR comes equipped with motion-detecting sensors that users strap to themselves. The Kickstarter campaign lists three different versions of the suit with a different number of sensors at different prices. An 8 sensor Lite suit is available for a $279 pledge, the 12 sensor Core suit is going for $349, while the 17 sensor Pro suit is available for $399.

YEI Technology did not announce any other stretch goals to go along with this first one. Presumably, the next one will be announced if this one is passed. VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of the PrioVR campaign and report on any developments.

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