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Tetris-Inspired VR Diorama Blocked In Reaches 6,000 Downloads

Blocked In, a virtual reality (VR) diorama that takes inspiration from Tetris, has reached over 6,000 downloads. The demo, which is compatible with the Oculus Rift VR headset, was initally released on 28 October 2013. Daniël Ernst, the demo’s creator, broke the news via his Twitter account.

“My #Oculus Blocked In demo is downloaded over 6000 times! You can help out with a vote,” Ernst posted. A video of the title in action can be seen above.

Placing you inside a detailed apartment room, Blocked In restricts user control to the Oculus Rift’s head tracking technology. It’s not possible to move around, but you can turn 360 degrees to look around the room and out of a window. Outside, Tetris blocks constantly rain down, while the apratment’s owner seems to be working on his own project themed around the classic puzzle title.

The experience is intended to be the first of a number of dioramas that are collected in Ernst’s upcoming The Pigeon Man. At this time we don’t have any word on what other sequences might  make it into The Pigeon Man, though Blocked In can be downloaded for free at the Oculus VR website.

VRFocus will continue to track the progress of The Pigeon Man and bring you any developments.

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