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Untold Games announces Oculus-compatible Loading Human

Untold Games has announced a new Oculus Rift-compatible adventure videogame, Loading Human, due for release later this year. The title is set to use both the virtual reality (VR) headset and motion controls to deliver a story-driven experience.

Described as an evolution of the point and click adventure, Loading Human places you in the role of André Gibson, an Alzheimer’s sufferer that must relive past memories in order to store them to a digital brain and reunite with his wife.

As the trailer above shows, the player must solve physics-based puzzles in first-person using the Oculus Rift and motion controllers. Untold Games has confirmed that both the Sixense STEM and Razer Hydra controllers will be compatible with the software. It can also be played on a standard monitor with motion controls.

The experience was first thought up by Italian actor and filmmaker Flavio Parenti (To Rome With Love). He’s since been working with both Untold and a screenwriter on the project. “The advances in VR and motion-sensor technology have allowed us to create a new level of immersion with Loading Human,” Parenti said, “and we are excited to provide a glimpse of what awaits players when they experience life through André Gibson’s eyes, hands and movements.”

Loading Human is coming to both Windows and Mac later this year, although there aren’t any details on pricing or a more specific date. VRFocus will keep you updated on the title’s progression as we move further to launch. Until then, take a look at the gallery of screenshots.

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