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The VR Roundup 15/02/14

It’s time for the weekly VR roundup.

Granted VRFocus has only been up and running for three days, but there’s already a tonne of virtual reality (VR)  news stories, features, reviews and previews to read up on. It’s been a week of Space Hulks, Quakes, Kickstarter drama and trying new things but below are our four favourite pieces from each of these category over the past week (or half).

News – PrioVR’s Kickstarter success


Things move fast in the world of Kickstarter. While Sixense’s intriguing MakeVR software has sadly seen its campaign cancelled (more on that later), YEI Technologies has had great success with its PrioVR motion-tracking accessory. Having launched a campaign to help release the suit-like accessory on Friday, the $75,000 USD goal was surpassed within less than 24 hours. No doubt we’ll be hearing much more from YEI in the near future.

Feature – What is VR?


VR is a tricky concept to grasp without actually trying it out for yourself. This debut feature from VRFocus tries to put things into perspective a little, taking a look at the technology’s potential as well as the challenges it may soon face. If you’re new to VR, this is where you need to start.

Reviews – Slender: The Arrival


We’re going to see plenty of first-person shooters made VR-compatible in the near future but there will likely only be a handful of horror experiences to try out. Slender: The Arrival is one of the first to bring the genre to the Oculus Rift. The transition is undoubtedly impressive but the title itself struggles to make good on scares.

Previews – MakeVR


Not so much a videogame as it is a tool, MakeVR could make a big impact on VR, the Oculus Rift and the manufacturing industry. That is if it ever makes it to market; the project shutdown its Kickstarter campaign towards the end of the week, having lowered its pledge prices a day before. Hopefully it will still see the light of day, because this is one of the most intriguing VR projects around right now.

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