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VRElia Planning Three VR Headsets to Launch this Year

VRElia, a Spanish tech startup, has revealed plans to launch 3 different virtual reality (VR) headsets to compete with the Oculus Rift VR headset. The company hopes to release each device by the end of the year, with each aimed at different markets.

Speaking to Road to VR, VRElia revealed plans for a mobile, general and professional version of its VREye headset.The current prototype uses a 7-inch screen running a 1280 x 800 resolution, which is the same as the Oculus Rift. A short video of the prototype can be seen below.

A company spokesman detailed updates made to the VREye, including a bigger field of view (FOV), made possible by increasing the lense size. Other upgrades include optimized optics which should mean less strain on the user’s eyes. Light concentration from screen to retina has also been reduced, which the company claims allows for more real pixel density per eye compared to the Oculus. According to the spokesman, the VREye also features “less ghosting, richer color, increased brightness and improved contrast.”

While VRElia has designed the next version of the VREye, it is yet to be manufactured. It will use a full HD screen as well as a “minimalist and groundbreaking design”.

The professional version of the device aims to use two full HD screens. The company revealed that managing the cost of this version has been an issue. As a result, it plans to launch this model “for the professional market on a small scale.” The low-cost mobile version will focus on entertainment and media playback. It’s not yet clear if this model will be a simple attachment or an intergrated device.

VRElia is also developing VR software solutions for use with the VREye in architectural, medical and educational environments. Development is reportedly already underway, working on both the Unity engine and CryEngine.

In terms of cost VRElia hopes to launch the mobile model at a “very affordable” price point, with the general model placed “competitvely” against the Oculus Rift and the professional version being “considerably more expensive” than the other two. VRFocus will bring you all the latest on VRElia and the VREye as it happens.

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