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YEI launches Kickstarter campaign for full-body motion tracking PrioVR

Tech company YEI Technologies has today launched a Kickstarter campaign for PrioVR, a full-body motion tracking accessory for use with virtual reality (VR) headsets. The company is looking to raise $75,000 USD to help release 3 different versions of the kit.

PrioVR provides low-latency, real-time motion tracking with a number of sensors that record 360 degrees of movement. As can be seen in the campaign’s video, it can measure movements in arms, legs, feet, shoulders and hips, depending on the version in operation. It is a wireless suit that the company claims can be used in any space, indoors or out.


PrioVR comes in 3 different flavours. The first is a Lite option with 8 sensors for the upper body. The next is the Core version with 12 sensors to include legs. Finally, the Pro version has 17 sensors to accurately measure hips, shoulders and feet.

As with any Kickstarter campaign, YEI will offer rewards to backers that pledge certain amounts. While $100 will get you a credit in the accessory’s demo, the first 50 people to pledge $250 will be treated to a Lite version of the suit. After those are gone, it will go up to $279. The Core is available for $309 for the first 50 backers and $349 for everyone after. The Pro starts at $350 and goes to $399 after the first 50 pledges.

Moving on from there, it’s possible to get your face plastered onto a zombie in one of the demo titles for $500 and get two Pro models with goodies at $775. Developers can pay $1,500 for a Pro suit and support integrating it into their own game. One of 10 early bird Pro models is available for $4,999 and the very first Pro is going for $9,999.

YEI has confirmed that, while the tech is ready, the money raised will go to making the suit comfortable as well as manufacturing.

Backers can expect to have their suits shipped this June, although there’s no word on a wide-spread release just yet. VRFocus will have a Q&A with the developers of the PrioVR soon and bring you the latest on the campaign and the product itself as it develops.

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