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Bear Simulator Passes Kickstarter Funding

Farjay Studios’ upcoming Bear Simulator has passed its Kickstarter funding goal just days after its launch. The title, which is described as a first-person bear (FPB) experience, was looking to raise $29,500 USD for help development. At the time of writing, the title sits at $33,000 in funding with a further 25 days left to go. Farjay Studios has suggested that virtual reality (VR) support with the Oculus Rift VR headset is possible for the title, though it’s not yet confirmed.

bearsimulator_1The developer is yet to offer an update concerning the campaign’s success. Currently there are no stretch goals available for the project with the developer claiming that they will be added ‘if needed’. Could a possible stretch goal offer Oculus Rift support? It was suggested on the page that the developer still needs to buy a developer version of the headset before implementing it. If so, it might well be developed using the DK2 kit, announced at GDC last week.

Bear Simulator is a survival experience in which players explore open-world settings as the titular animal. As the bear, they must feed and level up stats as they uncover secret areas and fight other animals. VRFocus will report back on the title as soon as VR support has been clarified.

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