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Crytek, Epic, more working on PS4 VR

Sony has revealed a list of partners currently work on the PlayStation 4 VR headset, Project Morpheus. The company posted a slide of developers, software companies and videogame engines that were currently working on the technology, including the likes of Crysis developers Crytek.


As can be seen in the image above a range of big names are currently working with Project Morpheus. Epic Games, Criware, Havok and Unity are just some of the other names involved with the project. It wasn’t confirmed what titles would from these partners would be heading to Project Morpheus, but the addition of popular game engines such at the Unity Engine will surely be a plus for VR developers.

Sony announced its Project Morpheus VR headset at the same presentation at GDC 2014, titled Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment. VRFocus will be bringing a hands-on report with the device as well as plenty more news coverage as the week goes on.

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  1. That does not mean they are developing games for the VR, just that they have kits and our experimenting,with it. That’s why VR will fail, not enough devs will support it, the ones that do will suck, and it’s just plain gimmicky.

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