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Epic Games’ Couch Knight Debuts with Oculus DK2

Oculus VR has announced a new tech demo that will be on display with its recently-confirmed Oculus Rift developer kit 2 (DK2) at GDC this week. The company will be debuting UE4 Couch Knight, a demo developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, to help showcase the new features of DK2, which is now available to pre-order.

CouchKnight_1Couch Knight is set in a living room where players control cartoon knights. The tiny combatents can roam around the room, commencing battle on the floor, top of coffee tables on even on the player’s avatar.

The demo tracks the player’s head movements and position to give them a good look of the room. It will be available to try out over at Oculus Rift’s own booth. Oculus VR announced the Oculus Rift DK2 this today, confirming that it will ship in July for $350. VRFocus will be bringing you all the latest on DK2 as it’s announced.

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