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GameFace Labs Talks Wireless VR, Developer Support, Pricing

Last week VRFocus reported on Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey stating that virtual reality (VR) headsets with embedded techology that weren’t teathered to hardware was ‘the future’. If that’s the case, then the team at GameFace Labs has been doing some time travelling, as its Android-based, wireless VR headset, GameFace, is already well into development. VRFocus recently spoke to founder and CEO Edward Mason about the upcoming device.

In the interview above Mason talks about the advantages of not being connected to external hardware, the benefits of using Android as an operating system and the kind of support the team has seen from developers so far. As Mason states in the video, more GameFace announcements are expected at this week’s GDC event in San Francisco, so make sure to keep reading VRFocus for all the latest.

Note: Featured image for the article was taken from Red Bull

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