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Indie Developer Releases Randomised Sci-Fi Horror Deep Down In Space

Indie developer trans321 has released a free sci-fi horror title named Deep Down In Space onto the official Oculus VR forums. The title is a free experience that features virtual reality (VR) support with the Oculus Rift headset. The title is a randomised experience with objectives similar to that of fellow horror experience Slender: The Arrival.

DeepDownInSpace_1Deep Down In Space sets players as the last survivor of a ship infested with aliens. The ship must be destroyed before it reaches Earth by activating 7 circuits hidden around the environment before accessing the main reactor core. Having completed this objective players will have to find an escape pod and safely leave the ship.

The developer is accepting donations on Paypal for fans of the title so that he can purchase a full license for the Unity videogame engine. A standard version of the experience without Oculus Rift support is also available. VRFocus will continue to track any and all VR supported projects and bring them to you.

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