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Jerry’s Place Creator Would Like to Recreate The Office & Original Titles

Greg Miller made many Seinfield fans happy earlier this week when he released his fan project, Jerry’s Place VR. The free to download software allowed users to tour the setting of the TV show while wearing an Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. Speaking to VRFocus, Miller has revealed which other projects he might like to work on in the future as well as the possibility of developing full VR) videogames. 

Jerrysplacevr_1“I was thinking it would be fun to make the I Love Lucy set, with a toggle button to switch it from black & white to color,” Miller said of other settings he might like to recreate in VR. “Reminds me of the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic about the world previously being in black & white.” I Love Lucy was another American sitcom which ran from 1951 – 1960. The show was shot in black and white but later saw a Christmas special episode recoloured.

Stick with the theme of sitcoms, Miller also noted that he might also like to recreate the setting of The Office. It’s important to note that these are simply projects that Miller suggested me might like to work on and not confirmation of their development.

The creator would also be interested in moving into developing full videogames. When asked it was an area he’d consider moving into he replied “I’d definitely like to. So far I really enjoyed working with the Unity engine, with this being my first project. The biggest hurdle will be affording a license for it though. I can’t really make money from demos like this one because … you know … copyright law and all.”

VRFocus will have a full Q&A with Greg Miller about Jerry’s Place VR, the Oculus Rift headset and more next week.

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