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Kickstarter for Jet Set-Inspired Title Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Incoming

French developer Fusty Game has announced that it will be launching a Kickstarter for it’s upcoming point-scoring free-running title Hover: Revolt Of Gamers. The title, which takes its inspiration from the likes of Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge, recently passed a Steam Greenlight campaign and is now seeking crowd-sourced funding to help development. It features support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.

As seen in the trailer above, Hover: Revolt Of Gamers is an open-world sci-fi title in which players skate and free run around a city, pulling off tricks to score points. The story sees players rebelling against the overuling dictatorship, convincing others to join their cause by pulling off more impressive stunts. Its art style is unmistakbly inspired by Sega’s classic Jet Set Radio videogame series, although a first-person view with wall-running mechanics also reminds you of Mirror’s Edge. The developer has also confirmed that Hideki Naganuma, Jet Set Radio‘s composer, will be working on music for the title.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers features support for both keyboard and mouse and gamepad input. While there is a single-player mode, there are also multiplayer options in which players can compete on scores or cooperate in missions. VRFocus will be bringing you all the latest on the title as soon as it’s announced.

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