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Mod of the Week: No More Room in Hell

Following Valve’s own Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2, this week’s featured modification is for yet another Source engine videogame. Only this time it’s for a title that began life as a mod itself: No More Room in Hell. Now available as a free download via Steam, No More Room in Hell‘s virtual reality (VR) update that allows for native support of the Oculus Rift headset was welcomed by many, and given it’s accessibility is likely to be a title many will experience early in the life of the forthcoming consumer device.


If you’ve been through the process of adapting Half-Life 2 for Oculus Rift, No More Room in Hell is one simple parameter change away from being played as a virtual reality (VR) title. Therefore, the below is undoubtedly the shortest set-up process that VRFocus has prepared thus far, and will most likely be for a considerable amount of time.


Ensure that you have followed the steps outlined in VRFocusHalf-Life 2 ‘Mod of the Week’ article and that both Half-Life 2 and No More Room in Hell are fully updated.

Right-click on the No More Room in Hell entry in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’. Click the ‘Set Launch Options…’ button and type ‘-vr’ (without apostrophes) into the vacant box. Close the options menus and set your desktop resolution to 1280×800. Launch No More Room in Hell as normal and the videogame will be playable with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Note: No More Room in Hell switches to a third-person perspective by default when the VR mode is enabled. Players can tailor this by using the Source engine’s built in command console.

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