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Muse Developer Bringing Wonder Dome installation to GDC 2014

Current Circus, the development team behind the compatible music title Muse, will be bringing its Wonder Dome installation to this month’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). The Wonder Dome is an interactive installation that allows users to experiment with sounds and make music together. It has previously been showcased at the Rainbow Serpent music festival. The title is planned to receive virtual reality (VR) support in the future.

Muse_1It’s also linked to the team’s currently in development title, which will also be heading to GDC on 17th – 21st March 2014 in San Francisco. Muse casts players an underwater muse and lets them explore environments, making music with the wildlife and surroundings as they travel. Though it’s yet to be implemented into the current build, Oculus Rift VR headset compatibility is due as well as support for depth cameras and smartphone control. The studio has told VRFocus that that these elements are running internally and being worked on to get to release-standard.

Muse is an open development project, meaning players sign up to play the title and then contribute ideas and reports to the official forums. An account for the title costs $10, and Current Circus claims that it will always remain in development so that the team can add new ideas and features as well as fixes. The current build is named Alpha Muse 02A.

Those interested can sign up to Muse via the official website. VRFocus will continue to follow the project and report back with all the latest.

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