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Nevermind Misses Kickstarter Funding But Won’t Stop There

Nevermind, a virtual reality (VR) compatible horror videogame that uses sensors to deliver biofeedback, has failed to achieve it’s $250,000 USD Kickstarter funding goal. The campaign saw 2,466 backers and raised $129,615 before coming to an end on 7th March 2014. Despite the failure to secure funding, developer Erin Reynolds and the team aren’t giving up on the project yet.

Nevermind_1The team addressed backers and supporters on the title’s now closed Kickstarter page, thanking them for their support and assuring that they would try to find new ways to get the project funded.

“First off, a HUGE thank you to all of our amazing backers,” the page reads. “Although we didn’t hit our Kickstarter goal, this project was nonetheless a resounding success in helping to build awareness around Nevermind, biofeedback, and positive games. Perhaps more importantly, it has clearly shown that there’s a thriving, active audience that’s eager for games like Nevermind.

“We foresee a bright future ahead for Nevermind and that wouldn’t have happened without your help.”

The team is yet to reveal how it plans to secure more funding, although it will accept donations via the title’s official website. A selection of the Kickstarter rewards such as concept art, t-shirts and pre-orders will also be available in an online store. The team also stressed that fans can spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and a Mailing List.

Nevermind is a first-person horror experience that users sensors to measure a player’s fear and stress. If a player is getting agitated by the title, then it will becoming harder, encouraging them to calm down if they want to progress. Support for the Oculus Rift VR headset had been announced during the campaign, although it is unknown if it will still be included. VRFocus will continue to report on any future updates to the project.

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