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New CDF Ghostship Screenshots Revealed

MAG Studios have been hammering home the message with their Ghostship series this month. First a new pre-order bundle including both titles, CDF Ghostship and Ghostship Aftermath, was made available to consumers, then a redesign of the website was launched and now a selection of new screenshots have been made available.


These new screenshots have been taken directly from the forthcoming CDF Ghostship, the first title in the Ghostship series. CDF Ghostship is set in the distant future wherein the Colonial Defence Force was established to protect Earth and human colonies against alien threats as well as riots and general unrest. In the videogame, you play the part of three different characters: a pilot, an engineer and a marine, each of which will offer their own perspective on the events as they unfold, giving the player a unique view of the CDF and the operations taking place within.

CDF Ghostship is an action-orientated first-person shooter (FPS), as can be seen in the screenshots below. Ghostship Aftermath, which is in development with CDF Ghostship concurrently, will offer a slower pace as a survival horror title. Both CDF Ghostship and Ghostship Aftermath are set to launch this spring, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from MAG Studios.







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