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Cancelled VR Minecraft Would Have Been Free, Notch Reveals

Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has revealed new details about the now-cancelled version of his popular title for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. The developer has explained that the title was intended to be a free release to promote VR. The project was promptly cancelled following the announcement that Facebook would be buying Oculus Rift makers Oculus VR for $2 billion USD.

Minecrift_1Notch made the revelations in response to earlier statements from Cliff Bleszinski, slamming him for cancelling the project. The former Epic Games developer had previously called the Minecraft creator a “pouty kid” that was acting “bratty”.

“CliffyB, one of the investors in Oculus, calls me a “pouty kid” for cancelling the Minecraft thing. Damn straight I am,” Notch wrote on his Twitter account.

He continued, directly contacting Bleszinski’s own Twitter account “also, the “ball i’m taking home” was a potential free version of Minecraft designed to promote VR.”

No other details about the project were revealed. Given that the title in development would have been free, it likely wouldn’t have been as feature-complete as the regular edition of Minecraft.

Notch has previously explained that he wasn’t comfortable with Facebook’s operations and had cancelled the project as a result. Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey later responded to the claims, stating that the project “never started” in the first place. VRFocus will continue to follow Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR and report back with all the latest.

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  1. Your loss, “Notch”. I guess we will have to make do without your low-res Lego simulator.

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