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PrioVR Kickstarter Ends at Over $320,000 in Funding

YEI Technologies Kickstarter campaign for its PrioVR full body motion controller has ended in massive success. The campaign closed today having made $322,104 USD in funding, nearly $250,000 more than its original $75,000 goal. A total of 854 different backers provided funding. In its month-long campaign the technology managed to pass 3 different stretch goals. The company had teased that it would offer to buy back Oculus VR from Facebook for a $2 billion stretch goal.

PrioVR is essentially a fully body controller designed for use with virtual reality (VR) titles, although not limited to them. The suit features a number of sensors that users strap to their bodies, with movements registered in the experience being played. For this campaign, YEI Technologies offered 3 differen’t versions of the suit, including an 8 sensor Lite model, 12 sensor Core one and a 17 sensor full body Pro version.

Prio VR

The kit will come with a number of built-in demos that can be used with the Oculus Rift VR headset, including dance and zombie titles as well as a dodgeball experience. Its final stretch goal also promised custom hand controllers that would be erognomically designed as opposed to the currently-used Wii nunchuck controllers.

The suit is expected to ship in June 2014 for Kickstarter backers. VRFocus will continue to follow PrioVR’s development and report back with all the latest.

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  1. gamers still don’t get it.
    Still people happily give their money to Kickstarters and in the end they end up being ripped off!
    it’s fine to give £5, but many give £500!

    we’ve seen the nonsense with Oyua, and Oculus Rift.
    what about this?

    this application moves slow anyway

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