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Project Morpheus Prototype is Wired, Other Solutions ‘to be Investigated’

Sony has revealed that its Project Morpheus prototype virtual reality (VR) headset for the PlayStation 4 is a wired device. The company confirmed as much during the reveal of the headset at its Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment presentation during GDC 2014.


That said, Sony did announce that it will be looking into other solutions for the device. Replying to a question about if the device was wired, the company’s Shuhei Yoshida confirmed: “The current prototype is wired. We’re going to investigate other solutions.”

This could suggest that the final product might be wireless. However the company did confirm that it had no plans to make the device mobile any time soon. The Oculus Rift VR headset, in its current iteration, is also a wired device, although wireless alternatives such as the GameFace headset. VRFocus will continue to follow the development of Project Morpheus and report back with all the latest.

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