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Project Morpheus Significantly Reduces Simulator Sickness

Those of you who follow VRFocus will already be aware that the team here are keen supporters of the Project Morpheus hardware from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), with our hands-on report enthusing about the comfort of the device. However, physical comfort and simulator sickness (aka motion sickness) are two very different things. Thankfully, SCE’s first iteration of the hardware appears to combat this well.

ProjectMorpheus_1The high-definition (HD) display was obviously designed to counter the reports of simulator sickness, and does a fantastic job. The low latency when looking from side-to-side is a wonderful balancing act, but it’s the almost complete absence of ‘screen door effect’ that makes Project Morpheus a competitor in the field. The comfort of the device means that you’re unlikely to be caught off-guard with your turning motion and the positional tracking – though far from perfect – makes huge leaps in reducing the distance between player action and visual feedback.

Sony revealed its Project Morpheus headset at this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It is yet to issue details on the device’s pricing or when it might be released to consumers. VRFocus was able to grab an interview with the company about the device earlier today and will be bringing on the latest news on the project as it moves forward.

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