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Spirited Away Dev Wants to Work on more Studio Ghibili & Original Project

Nick Pittom, the developer responsible for remaking Spirited Away‘s Boiler Room scene in virtual reality (VR), has revealed new projects that he’s currently working on as well as potential future works. Speaking to VRFocus, Pittom confirmed that he had started work on a new VR scene and plans to start his own project soon as well as hopes of visiting some other movies.

spiritedaway_2When asked if he would like to bring any other scenes from films, Pittom revealed that he’d like to work on more scenes from Studio Ghibili, the makers of Spirited Away. This includes a project he’s already started from My Neighbour Totoro. “More Ghibli certainly,” he said on what else he might like to creatre. “I have started on the bus stop scene from Totoro and I would love to go back to Spirited Away for the Train scene. Mononoke, Nausicaa and Howls Moving Castle all have scenes I think would be awesome.”

The Boiler Room project allows users to explore the iconic scene from Spirited Away with an Oculus Rift headset. It certainly sounds like we’ll be seeing plenty of these types of projects from Pittom in the future but what about other creations? “Past that I am unsure. I suspect I will begin work on my own project soon enough,” the developer concluded.

The Boiler Room is available now as a free download. Pittom didn’t say when we might see his next project, whichever it is. VRFocus will be bringing a full Q&A with the developer soon and keep you up-to-date with his work.

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