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Xbox One

Xbox Waiting to “See How VR Evolves”

Microsoft’s Xbox division has revealed that it won’t be revealing its own virtual reality (VR) contender for the foreseeable future. The company’s Xbox Group Program Manage David Dennis confirmed that, while the team is intrigued by the prospect of the technology, it’s too early to assume that it will amount to anything, noting that it would “see how the VR space evolves.”

ProjectMorpheus_1Speaking to Ars, Dennis said that, with regards to Sony’s Project Morpheus, he “love[s] seeing innovation in the category, [and] it will be great to see how consumers and developers respond and what they’re able to build for it.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that Xbox will be presenting its own headset any time soon, despite rumours earlier in the week suggesting it was developing something that would run on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. “At this point, everything you’re seeing out there is just prototypes and development stuff,” Dennis said. “I think for us, it will be interesting to see how consumers respond and what experiences developers are able to deliver.

“There’s always lots of rumors about lots of things. We patent lots of things. As you know, Microsoft Research does a lot of stuff. You patent stuff to protect the IP in the event you ever want to work on stuff in the future, but it shouldn’t be [a] telltale [sign] that anything specific is in development.”

Don’t expect to see Microsoft’s entry into the VR sector any time soon, then. Videogame publisher Ubisoft also recently confirmed that it would have to see huge sales of VR headsets to make it a viable platform for companies. Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift clearly have a lot to prove before VR hits the mainstream, and VRFocus will be here to report on each and every development.

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