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Altergaze VR Headset Passes Kickstarter Funding

Altergaze, a mobile virtual reality (VR) headset for use with smartphones, has passed its Kickstarter funding goal of £25,000 GBP. Designer Liviu Berechet Antoni passed the goal with just over 3 days left of the campaign, ending on 1st May 2014. At the time of writing a total of 359 backers have pledged their support towards the project, helping start the manufacturing of the 3D-printed device by building a small production line.


The device is a 3D printed headset that allows users to slot a smartphone in front of a pair of lenses. Supported apps will then display two images split across the screen, creating the VR effect when the headset to held up to the user’s eyes. The kit is described as ‘open hardware’, meaning users can customise their own designs and print them themselves, so long as they’re not sold on.

With 3 days left on the campaign clock, Altergaze still hopes to raise even more funds to help develop more supported apps for the technology. VRFocus will continue to follow the development of the Altergaze headset post-funding and report back with the latest developments.

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