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Atlantic Productions Addresses Attenborough VR Reports

Atlantic Productions has commented on reports from earlier in the week that suggested the company was working on with Sir David Attenborough on a virtual reality (VR) documentary for the Oculus Rift headset. Head of Digital Phil Harper has confirmed to VRFocus that the project, titled Conquest of the Skies, will not be in VR though the company is enthusiastic about using the technology in the future.

OculusDK2_1“As part of our research development we took some cameras out shoot,” Harper explained as seen in the video below. “We have some footage of David Attenborough in 360 degree video. Whether or not we release that for the moment or what project that forms a part of is completely unclear at this moment.

“But to be very clear the next David Attenborough production, Conquest of the Skies, is not for Oculus Rift. But we do have some footage that we’ve got in and around Borneo that we’re thinking of creating an experience for, perhaps. It’s just footage that we have collected on the way and it isn’t pencilled in to create any documentary just yet. That might change, who knows? But at the minute it’s certainly not an Oculus Rift documentary.”

All that said, Harper expressed a great deal of interest about the possibilites of a VR documentary. He confirmed that the company is looking at 2 possible paths for such a project, one being creating full CGI scenes and the other focussing on full 360 degree footage. Which way the company goes is said to be ‘up for grabs’ at the moment in time.

VRFocus will be bringing the full interview with Harper, who has plenty more to say about the potential for VR documentaries, in the near future.

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