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Cliff Bleszinski Outlines Plans for VR Title

Former Epic Games developer and Oculus VR investor Cliff Bleszinski has outlined plans for possibly developing a virtual reality (VR) videogame in the future. The developer confirmed that he would like to start testing potential VR titles with a handful of people, perhaps after the release of a non-VR videogame and potentially even shift over to being a VR focused developer should his team ‘hit gold’. 


“I still think for VR to fully be embraced by the masses, I still think it’s a little bit of a ways out,” Bleszinski said when asked about making a VR title during an episode of Gametrailers’ The Bonus Round. “So for me to be able to get something up and going in the next year, I’ve said before it will probably be a PC first-person shooter initially. But I would eventually like to have a handful of people, just 3 or 4 playing with it. Just scratching the surface and if they hit gold then start shifting people over and do VR focused.”

Presumably any such VR title would used the Oculus Rift VR headset given Bleszinski’s financial investment in Oculus VR.  It’s unclear if that could also involve a Project Morpheus title on PlayStation 4, though Bleszinksi did state in the same episode that he thought Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) headset was ‘legit’.

Bleszinksi left his role at Epic Games in 2012 in order to take a break from making videogames. He is yet to reveal any specifics about new projects. He regularly writes about the Oculus Rift on his blog, recently defending the decision to sell Oculus VR to Facebook. VRFocus will continue to follow any potential VR announcements from Bleszinski and report back with the latest.

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