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CopperCube Adds Oculus Rift Support in New Update

CopperCube, a 3D editing platform designed to make for the easy creation of 3D videogames has released a new update that adds in support for virtual reality (VR) for the software. Update 4.5 includes as range of improvements as well as integration with the Oculus Rift VR headset, letting developers create their own VR titles without having to deal with more complicated systems like programming and scripting. The VR support is only for owners of the professional edition of the software.

coppercube_1The platform comes with a tool set to help simplify 3D videogame development, including the ability to create 3D models and edit their behaviours. It can also be used to create 3D Mac, Android, and Windows apps as well as 3D websites. Oculus Rift integration lets users utilise these same tools but develop with the VR effect in mind. A demo for the support is available on the software’s official site.

CopperCube is available for both PC and Mac, and users can try out a 14 day trail of the software. From there you can pick up either a Light Edition for 149 Euro or the Oculus Rift-enabled Professional Edition for 380 Euro. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR supported software and bring you the latest news.

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