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Despereate Gods Board Game Turned into Oculus Rift Experience

An indie developer has turned the wolfire board game Desperate Gods into a new virtual reality (VR) experience for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Developer Raido36 has released the title for free on the Oculus VR Share Beta, where it can be downloaded for either PC or Mac. The title is also compatible with standard displays.

DesperateGods_1Desperate Gods sees players upgrading their equipment and fighting monsters, all within the confines of the board game. Players moves clockwise around the board, rolling dice to defeat enemies. If a player lands on a monster tile, he must roll a number higher than a roll for the opponent. If that’s the case then the player takes a certain amount of coins based on the enemy’s worth. The game ends when all the monsters have been defeated, and the player with the most victories wins.

The title features multiplayer in which players can even fight each other and trade and even works across VR and non-VR. However the developer has said that these rules are only the official ones and that players can create their own if they see fit. VRFocuswill continue to follow the development of any and all VR experiences and bring you the latest on them.

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