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Developer Releases VR Demo for Theme Park-Inspired Nightstation

An indie developer has released a unique virtual reality (VR) experience onto the Oculus VR Share Beta, based on dark theme park rides. Named Nightstation Ride One, the demo sits users in an indoor train ride and takes them on a surreal journey. The experience can be downloaded for free on the official Oculus VR site, thought it’s currently only available for PC.

Nightstation_1Nightstation is all about indoor train rides through strange, vivid, dreamlike scenes,” the title’s description reads. “The art of the theme park dark ride can now be explored much deeper, without the ridiculous costs and restrictions of building them in the real world. Virtual reality brings these rides to life, and the sense of immersion is amazing. Ride One gives you a glimpse into what is possible with the world of Nightstation.”

The experience is intended to be just one of a number of different Nightstation journeys, which will be be released on series’ official website. Some footage from the title can be seen below. VRFocus will continue to follow the development of any and all VR titles and bring you the latest on them.

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