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Giant vs Horde Adding Player-Controlled Giant With Prio VR, STEM Options

Impossible Object, the developer behind the upcoming Giant vs Horde, has again updated its Kickstarter campaign. A new post has revealed an option that allows players to control the giant itself in the multiplayer space combat title. This new mode also means that the title will come with support for the Prio VR motion controller suit and Sixense STEM motion controller on top of the previously confirmed support for Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.


The title, which tasks a team of ‘hundreds’ of players with taking down one giant enemy, previously allowed for players to assume control of the horde side, whilst developers battled against them as the giant in event-based matches. The team had intended to host weekend sessions where players could join up to square off against a giant being controlled in the developer’s studio.

While the update won’t get rid of the event matches, bakcers can now pledge $42 USD or higher get pre-order a copy of the title that will allow them to host their own matches. These players can then strap on the Prio VR full body motion capture suit to control the giant or use a Sixense STEM controller. This version of the title will release on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Impossible Object hopes changes such as these and the earlier announcement of full Oculus Rift support will help push Giant vs Horde over its Kickstarter funding goal of $50,000. At the time of writing the title has raised $4,209 with two weeks to go before its 15th May 2014 closing date. VRFocus will continue to follow the project’s progress and report back with any more details.

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