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Jonathan Blow Finds it ‘Difficult’ to see Positive in Facebook Buying Oculus

Braid developer Jonathan Blow has commented on the news of Facebook buying Oculus Rift creators Oculus VR, stating that he finds it ‘difficult’ to see how the acquisition can be a good thing. The social networking giant recently announced that it would be buying the virtual reality (VR) specialists for a total of $2 billion USD, although has pledged that it won’t radically alter Oculus VR’s plans in the near future.


“In terms of Facebook itself being a player, I find it difficult to see how that is a good thing,” Blow told NowGamer, “but we can always be surprised, and people I know who work at Oculus seem to be optimistic.”

Blow is currently working on The Witness, a first-person puzzle title for both the PlayStation 4 and PC. He hasn’t made any statements about if his project will support either platform’s headsets. He’s also not the first indie developer to voice his concern; Minecraft creator Markus Persson announced that he had cancelled plans for a potential port of his title to the platform after hearing about the deal.

VRFocus asked other groups of indie developers on their opinions of the deal and saw a generally positive response. VRFocus will continue to follow all of the news surrounding VR and bring it to you.

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