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Mod of the Week: BioShock 2

This week we see yet another title coming to the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset courtesy of Tridef 3D, a stereoscopic 3D injection driver that currently offers beta compatibility with the head-mounted display. Despite the Oculus Rift compatibility software being separate from the official Tridef 3D release, the usage is direct and efficient in many titles, including BioShock 2, this week’s new addition to VRFocusMod of the Week column.bioshock_2_1

BioShock 2 is the shockingly well received follow-up to Irrational Games’ BioShock. Many suggested that a sequel was unnecessary and unlikely to ever capture the majesty of the original’s Rapture, however BioShock 2 proved to be just as engrossing as the first title but for very different reasons. And here, in the era of VR’s rebirth, BioShock 2 is once again a highlight for first-person exploration. Simply follow the steps below to get back into the deep and view Rapture in a brand new way.


In case you haven’t done so already, download Tridef 3D from the official website, and then also the experimental Oculus Rift compatibility mod from the official forums. Full instructions of the installation of Tridef 3D are provided at the source.

The next step is to install BioShock 2. If you have recently purchased BioShock 2 from Steam your installation will be fully prepared for use with Tridef 3D, otherwise please ensure that the videogame is fully updated and your system restarted prior to attempting the below process.

First, load the Tridef 3D Ignition client and click ‘Add Game’. The client will automatically detect your installation (in the unlikely case that it doesn’t find BioShock 2, simply select ‘Add Game Manually’). Once detected, boot the videogame from within this client. Tridef 3D Ignition will automatically add the command line ‘-dx9’ to the boot configuration, making BioShock 2 capable of utilising the Tridef 3D stereoscopic 3D injection driver. It should be noted that if you are running the disc-based version of BioShock 2 this process could lead to boot-up crashes. Instead, right-click on the .exe icon in your ‘Games’ directory and select ‘Play – DirectX 9’ while the Tridef 3D Ignition directory remains open.

The videogame will automatically launch in stereoscopic 3D and with headtracking in place, representative of your mouse cursor. However, it is likely that the field of vision will be reduced. In order to correct this simply edit the file ‘%AppData%Bioshock2User.ini’. Go to the [Default] section and bind any unused key, for example ‘F9=SetFOV 125’. Hit that key in-game to change the FOV.

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