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Mod of the Week: Blades of Time

A videogame release that was harshly critiqued upon release, Blades of Time may well have slipped by unnoticed by many. The sequel to the generously mediocre X-Blades, Blades of Time was a superior experience in near-every aspect. And now, retro-actively engineered to be compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, Blades of Time is a truly impressive argument for how to produce third-person action videogames for virtual reality (VR).


There are many who suggest that VR is only suited to first-person experiences. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though it’s hard to argue that implementing third-person titles in VR is a far more challenging design document. VRFocus has previously suggested that have a camera look that’s entirely removed from your on-screen avatar is the best way to go about this, however Blades of Time presents another alternative: speed turning with your avatar as a central point. As the player turns their head the camera pivots around their avatar – in this case the leather-clad Ayumi – allowing for strikes to be distributed in the direction the player is looking. In Blades of Time this allows for faster target location than either a mouse or an analog stick, but whether there are many other titles that can capitalise on this lightning-fast view realignment remains to be seen.


As with many titles VRFocusMod of the Week series has covered recently, Blades of Time works best with the Tridef 3D injection driver. This can be downloaded from their official website and used for 14 days without requiring financial investment. An in-development Oculus Rift compatibility add-on can then be downloaded from the official Tridef 3D forums. Ensure that both of these assets have been downloaded and installed correctly before attempting to run Blades of Time on an Oculus Rift headset.

Load Tridef 3D Ignition and select ‘Add Game’. The client will automatically detect your installation (in the unlikely case that it doesn’t find Blades of Time, simply select ‘Add Game Manually’). Once detected, boot the videogame from within this client.

The videogame will automatically launch in stereoscopic 3D with headtracking enabled, however the alignment of the left- and right-eye images may need to be corrected. Simply press the ‘0’ key on your numberpad to access the Tridef 3D menu and browse the ‘3D’ menu, adjusting the ‘Scene Depth’ value as necessary.

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