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MyDream Dev On Minecraft Comparisons, Oculus Rift and Lots of Digging

MyDream is an upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible indie title about exploration and creation. No, it’s not Minecraft. In fact, the developers are planning to separate themselves from the indie phenomenon in a number of ways, support for the Oculus Rift VR headset not least among them. VRFocus recently spoke to the team about those comparisons as well as a range of other aspects.

mydream_1In the interview below the team speaks about their hopes and dreams for MyDream, the limits to which its players can create and much more.  MyDream has already passed a Kickstarter campaign and is now pursuing stretch goals for additional funding.

VRFocus: People will obviously compare MyDream to Minecraft. How is your project different to that hugely successful title?

MyDream: We are gonna have more libraries of items, biomes and environments that are more realistic and visually stunning and we plan to have different, unique gameplay options. We want to have more things for players to creat– they can make wider range of buildings, castles, forts and dollhouses. Our environmental system leads to different themes as well. For example, our libraries already have cornices, Hellenistic columns, realistic fences, Pre-Columbian artifact inspired materials, sci-fi textures, realistic gold leave cladding. Our worlds have beautiful sunrise, sunsets, starry skies and different skybox effects that makes you feel like you are living in the northern skies with the aurora borealis effect or in the tropics with deep saturated magenta sunrises.

Many of our gamer friends and streamers on Youtube and Twitch instantly invite their wives and girlfriends to play. The guys enjoy the Zen of mining and building and the girls love all the specialty architectural pieces for decorating in a beautiful, watercolor-hued world. And that’s just in the creative mode we shipped already. We are still super early on the adventure/challenge mode and hope to work on that after our kickstarter campaign.

VRFocus: Some of the creations in the trailer are very detailed. How easy to use are the creation tools?

MyDream: Currently we are using the keyboard (AWSD) and (mouse) to create and using the creation tools is more like playing a game as opposed to a 3D modelling tool. We were defintiely inspired by Minecraft for the creation tools and have made it so easy to use that even kids in elementary school can pick it up. For Oculus, since the view is not transparent and you can’t use a hand controller, we envision the building will be done by your hands movement and the system will have to recognize that through a camera system or something like Kinect integrated with Oculus. You can see the glove in your hand in game and you can see the terrain edits shooting out of your hand. Basically, point at whatever you modify and use your hands to point to the the items/tools you are using. We envision crafting will be done the same way.

VRFocus: Are there any limits to how high you can build and how far you can dig?

MyDream: You can dig and build tunnels, cavern and towers for up to 100 kilometers before our system caps out. It is the same for horizontal exploration as well, players can travel up to 100 km before they will notice precision issues. Of course no player has yet to go to this limit but I bet someone will try as soon as we publish this.

VRFocus: How will the leveling system grow your character? What would a level 25 builder be able to do that a level 1 one couldn’t, for example?

MyDream: Right now we are in creative mode but in our adventure/challenge mode, you can edit faster, have access to blueprinting ideas others are generating and from our inhouse designer, terraforming edits to make caves and sculpt mountains

Everquest Next is more like a 3D modeling tool and everything is just for Everquest. We see our niche is that any player can create and play, without getting to into Everquest game or learning Spark. MyDream is really easy for people to set out and build out a game really simple and its a nice, smooth transition to creating your own quests, especially if you want to have access to a wonderful, vast beautiful library of beautiful items and themes that both genders will enjoy.

And yes, we will allow players to save their creations to their local hard drive and play in offline mode. They can re-sync if no other edits have been made to their online world. If their online world has been, edited, they can upload their offline world as a branched world.

VRFocus: What will Oculus Rift support bring to the title?

MyDream: Great buzzword for marketing. Just kidding. If it delivers its promise to have headache free immersive experience, it will make our world come to life in unimaginable ways – to sculpt and build in 3D and give it a completely engrossing virtual reality experience. Our world is already alive to some degree with the realistic grass and trees blowing in the wind. It’s expansive in all directions at 100km with a living environmental system and stunning sunsets and soft ambient lighting. Oculus will take it to the next level and MyDream can really provide Oculus with a more sustainable content model–since all our stuff is procedurally generated with our voxel engine.

VRFocus: Are you planning to implement motion controls to support VR viewing?

MyDream: Absolutely, we want to take advantage of the native controls of the platform so we can deliver the best experience for that platform.

VRFocus: Do you think VR’s sense of space will have an effect on how users build?

MyDream: Yes, it will give players a better understanding spatially where they are. It will make players feel like they are turning around and the sense of proportion and the golden ratio will come to life. It will help players who love to build and decorate a better sense of space, and proportion. For example, for creating a rock bridge between a canyon perhaps their fear of heights will kick in a bit and they will design a bridge or catwalk that will be more emotionally driven. We currently don’t get that feeling.

We have the beautiful graphics and naturalistic colors because that is one of our differentiators. We would see Oculus as a way for our players to be more emotionally driven with their design. When we jump off a cliff or building, we do get a bit scared but we are excited that jumping off a building or walking a catwalk 10,000 ft above in Oculus will be very pronounced. The catwalks will give players the butterflies, and we are hoping to get the tingling in the hands and feet when we scale the mountains and really have a sense of wonder when we discover a new epic cavern we have never seen before. Or just get a the same sense of wonder at the aurora borealis or Tahitian sunset one would experience in real life.

VRFocus: Could you see yourselves bringing the title to PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus if MyDream is successful?

MyDream: Yes, of course! The line for Project Morpheus was too long to see the demo at GDC but we would love Sony to send us a dev kit. Our address is on our website mydream.com

VRFocus: What is your dream for MyDream? How far do you see the community growing and the title expanding?

MyDream: We want something with adventure/survival beyond our initial creative mode. We love the having the A to B adventures. We love the idea you are shipwrecked. We know it has been done before, but you have to survive, you have to harvest resources and this world is inhabited and its not as easy as it seems and you have to protect yourself from the inhabitants. We have our own twist and you can read about it on our kickstarter website. And you have to build out a tech tree to defend yourself from these guys and go out and harvest resources and survive and continue to build out that tech tree.

It would be fun to throw a monkey wrench in and have a cool twist and we are hoping to reach some of our stretch goals so this will happen. We love Ultima 6, you think you know who the bad guys are, the gargoyles from under the earth, and only have half way through do you realize that they are not so bad. We like to challenge what is good and bad, the strategy and tech tree. And having a nice blend of the Zen blend of mining and doing your thing and having a diverse group of gamers, not just all guys but a nice blend of guys and gals in game to build explore and go on adventures is really exciting to us.

As for growing the community, we love the player generated games philosophy and I think this review from the gaming site did a great job summarizing our plans on organically building the community and sustainably creating content as a very small indie shop.

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