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nDreams Has 3 Morpheus & Oculus Titles in Development, More Coming

Virtual reality (VR) dedicated developer nDreams has revealed that is has a total of 3 different cross-platform VR titles in the works right now. It’s been confirmed that the first of these titles will be for both the PlayStation 4 and PC, sporting support for the Project Morpheus headset and Oculus Rift headset respectively. Presumably the other two will also be released on those platforms. The studio has also confirmed that it has a ‘couple of other unique VR projects on the way.’


Studio CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh revealed as much in an interview with develop. “We have three cross-platform VR games in various stages of development, plus a couple of other unique VR projects,” he said when asked what titles the team was working on. “Our first major game will be announced at E3, and we will be showing off a playable demo there. It is a unique adventure game designed for VR with a powerful story. One of the other games is based on the rough SkyDIEving demo that we released last year, which itself came from a 48-hour game hack. The third one is under wraps at the moment.”

The developer confirmed that it would be showing off its first cross-platform title for both PlayStation 4 and PC at E3 2014 earlier this week, describing it as a ‘major’ release. Since then the team has also announced that it has secured £250,000 GBP in funding to further its VR development and brought former SEGA CEO Mike Hayes onto its board. E3 runs from 10th – 12th June 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow nDream’s progress leading up to the reveal of its first VR title at E3.

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