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Nevermind to Feature at Tribeca Film Festival

The team behind the forthcoming bio-feedback horror Nevermind has revealed that the videogame is set to make an appearance at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Taking place this week, 22nd – 24th April 2014, New York, the Tribeca Film Festival will host Nevermind as part of it’s ‘Games for Change’ showcase.


“One of the super exciting things coming up for Nevermind is the 11th Annual Games for Change Festival!” Reads the official statement from the Nevermind team. “Last year, we were a G4C Award finalist in the ‘Most Innovative’ category. This year, we will be one of four projects to be featured at the first ever Pitch Event!”

Nevermind is a horror adventure that takes players deep into the subconscious minds of trauma victims. Playing through a surreal interpretation of real-life events, the player has to piece together a story that has long been forgotten by the victim and yet still overshadows their every day life.

“We are beyond honored and excited to have been selected for this event and can’t wait to be a part of this amazing festival again. If you’ll be at Games for Change, please find us and say hello! [sic]” Proffers the Nevermind team.

Nevermind was unsuccessful in raising the $250,000 USD asked for in it’s Kickstarter campaign, however this hasn’t deterred the team from pursuing other methods of bringing the videogame to market. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Nevermind, including a hands-on preview coming soon.

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