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New Caffeine Trailer Shows The Title’s Puzzles

Developer Dylan Browne has released a new trailer for his upcoming horror project, Caffeine. The clip is titled ‘The Simple Puzzles Count’, and shows us why, with a look at one of the first-person experience’s navigational trials. It also promises that more about the title will be shared this coming Friday, 11th April 2014. Caffeine is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign seeking $80,000 AUD, with virtual reality (VR) support possible.

The trailer, which can be seen above, shows 2 attempts at crossing a corridor set on the title’s caffeine mining facility. It’s a simple enough trial, asking the player to avoid stepping on certain floor panels, but one wrong move and the player will tumble to their demise.

Caffeine‘s crowd sourcing campaign is due to end on 14th May 2014. Should the campaign prove succesful then Browne hopes to have the title out in early 2015. Word on a VR version will hopefully follow the campaign’s completion. VRFocus will continue to report on Caffeine and bring you all the latest.

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