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Sid Meier Talks VR With Strategy Titles

Legendary developer Sid Meier has spoken about virtual reality (VR) and where the technology stands in relation to the strategy and simulation titles that he is known for. The developer, who is famous for his work in the genre with Firaxis Games, stated that, while he thinks VR is a cool technology, he doubts that titles like Civilization will be ‘leading the charge’ if there is any kind of revolution.

Civilization_1“We’ve looked at our games in 3D with some of the 3D tools that are out there, and it is kind of cool,” told Gamespot. “If there is a VR revolution, we’re probably not going to be leading the charge with strategy and map-based games and things like that. It’s more, perhaps, suitable for immersive-type games initially.”

Meier went on to reason that it was a player’s imagination that made a videogame great and not necessarily the technology that powers it.

“I think VR is a cool idea,” he concluded, “but it’s really not my area of expertise to say ‘Yes, it’s going to be awesome!’ or ‘No, it’s just another technology that has some certain applications.'”

Meier and his team at Firaxis Games recently announced Civilization: Beyond Earth for PC, Mac and Linux. Based on his comments, it’s fairly safe to assume that the tile won’t be supporting the Oculus Rift VR headset, though perhaps there’s potential for future entries in the series to integrate it somehow. VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest surrounding VR and bring it to you.

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