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Sony UK Teases Virtual Reality-Beating 4K Glasses for April Fools’

It looks like Sony UK isn’t missing out on the April Fools’ fun. The company has seemingly made a mock announcement for 4K Ultra HD Glasses, which it touts as superior to virtual reality (VR). The company made the joke on its Twitter account which included a mock image of the gear, which can be seen below. It didn’t outright confirm this to be an April Fools’ prank, but with no other information about the device available it’s pretty obvious that these 4K Glasses are just a tease.

SonyAprilFools_1The joke seems to poke fun at Project Morpheus, the company’s recently announced VR headset for the PlayStation 4. The current prototype for the kit runs at 1080p, which is obviously inferior to the much-touted 4K resolution that its TV department is currently pushing. It could also be a dig at the company’s other 3D display visors which don’t boast the same resolution.

VRFocus will continue to follow any and all news surrounding Project Morpheus and bring you the latest.

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