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Space Budgie Talk Glitchspace, VR & Indie Development

Scottish indie team Space Budgie have been subtly earning themselves a reputation. A studio that develops new experiences for the sake of doing so as opposed to aiming for a smash hit or celebrity status is becoming a rarity all too quickly, and while neither of these goals should be ruled out for Space Budgie they are clearly not high on the agenda for a studio developing a title about translating mathematic equations into devices for progression in a videogame. This is both the easiest and most complicated way of explaining Glitchspace.

Currently available via the Steam Early Access programme, Glitchspace is a first-person experience with a difference. Despite the fact that the player holds a gun, shooting is not the principle gameplay mechanic. Players will instead manipulate the world through a strict dialect of programming language. Details of this, and Glitchspace director Karl Inglott’s views on virtual reality (VR), can be seen in the video below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Glitchspace and future VR projects from Space Budgie.

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