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Stompz Creator Offers Update on Peripheral

Matthew Carrell, creator of the upcoming Stompz motion controller, has issued an update on the product. Speaking on a video blog, Carrell offered a look at the new version of the peripheral, which users strap to their feet and then move them to walk, run or more in a supported videogame. The controller is designed to be an effective, low cost motion controller for virtual reality (VR) titles that doesn’t require the user to strap into hefty hardware.

In the video above Carrell takes us through some examples of how Stompz can be used in certain genres such as racing. A player tilts his foot left and right to steer while leaning forward to accelerate of backwards to reverse. Carrell also revealed that a driving experience could be calibrated to use the Stompz as gas and break pedals with a real traditional controller in hand.

There’s also a look at the Tuscany demo running with Stompz as well as Time Rifters using just one controller and a mouse. It’s currently not known when a consumer version of Stompz will hit; Carrell mentions that he’d like to further improve the design with a Bluetooth dongle amoung other things. VRFocus¬†got some time on with the original version of Stompz a few months back and saw potential in its low-cost design. VRFocus will continue to follow the device’s progress and report back with all the latest.

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