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TECHNOLUST Dev ‘Would Love’ to Bring Title to PS4 and Morpheus

TECHNOLUST developer Iris VR has said that it would ‘love’ to bring its upcoming virtual reality (VR) exclusive title to the PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus VR headset. Designer Blair Renaud confirmed as much to VRFocus, stating that he would be interested in a port provided he wasn’t attached to an exclusivity deal. That said, he also reasoned that he would need more money and resources to bring the game to the console.

Technolust_1“I would love that,” Renaud said when asked how he would feel about a possible PlayStation 4 port. “Assuming someone doesn’t offer me some kind of exclusivity deal, I want the widest audience possible to enjoy what I’m making as much as I enjoy making it. I’m just a small indie developer though. It would take more money and resources to port to PS4 than I have available to me now. We’ll see what happens in the future though. Wish me luck.”

TECHNOLUST is a first-person experience designed for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Players step into a future Cyberpunk city in which corporations have assumed control of popular technologies such as full VR and affordable 3D printing. The narrative sees players join a resistance against these corporations while they can also interact with the world around them, playing videogames at arcades, collecting objects for display in their homes and more.

The title passed its Steam Greenlight campaign in a matter of days and is still running a Kickstarter project. A demo offering a taste of the experience can also be found on the official website. VRFocus will continue to follow TECHNOLUST‘s progress and be bringing the full interview with Renaud in the near future.


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