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Unique MMO Platform XViREnt Supports VR, Currently in Kickstarter

InEvoWare Game Studios is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a unique MMO platform named XViREnt. The title is based around user generated content, with players logging into a hub world and then connecting to one of any number of environments created by either the team or other developers. It features support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset as well as being one of the first titles to officially incorporate the recently-funded PrioVR full body motion controller. The crowd sourcing campaign is hoping to raise $8,000 CAD before 20th April 2014. An early screenshot can be seen below.

XViREnt_1Players create their own characters based on 4 different tiers: Knowledge, Career, Combat, and Superpowers. It could be that players choose to work with guns, blades or even transform themselves into vampires. Each character will get a virtual home in which they can invite other players to watch interactive TV, play board games and more. From there, they can connect to other universes with their own environments, missions and enemies. The developer itself is creating the first universe named Rex Palarum. This fantasy universe is set to be a spiritual successor to The King of Spades, a browser-based title developed by InEvoWare’s Salem Al-Tamimi.

From there, the title hopes to grow with new worlds created by other developers. Those interested can pledge $20 to get access to an open beta, launching in Feburary 2014. Backers will also get a code to upgrade to a virtual modern apartment for the title. Backers rewards increase all the way up to $1,880, where 15 backers can get the chance to work with the title’s designer to create a virtual paradise with mansion as well as a beach resot for guests. There’s even a private luxury yacht to use.

There currently isn’t a date for a full launch of the project. XViREnt is being developed with the Unity 4 engine right now but will be launching on Unity 5. VRFocus will continue to follow the project and bring you all the latest developments.

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