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World of Diving screenshot

Vertigo Games Talk Diving, Community and Consumer VR

Vertigo Games are currently developing their first virtual reality (VR) title and like many small studios they’re paving the way for future development pipelines. They have a unique project, an eager audience and a path to market that completely eschews the complexities of a boxed retail product. World of Diving is set to make a big splash on the VR scene, and Vertigo Games aren’t afraid to shout about it.

Talking with Richard Stitselaar, Creative Director for World of Diving at Vertigo Games, VRFocus had the chance to discuss what impact the community has had upon the project and just where they will lead the videogame in the future. Furthermore, Stitselaar was open to talking about World of Diving‘s approach to VR and exactly what lies ahead for this youthful technology as we begin to see consumer products arrive at retail. The full interview with Stitselaar follows below, and VRFocus will bring you a hands-on preview of World of Diving in the near future.

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