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Virtuix Omni

Update: Virtuix Omni Now Shipping September

UPDATE 2: Virtuix Omni has provided VRFocus with the following statement:

“To clarify recent Twitter exchanges that have caused confusion regarding the availability of the Virtuix Omni, the Omni has been available for pre-order since August 2013, immediately following our successful Kickstarter campaign. To date Virtuix has received over 3,000 pre-orders. Virtuix is staggering shipments of the Omni based on when customer orders are placed, so our Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive their units this summer.

“We automatically adjust the shipping timeline for new pre-orders on our website. If you were to place an order today, we estimate it would arrive in September of this year. We apologize for any confusion and are excited to bring the Omni to market later this summer.”

UPDATE: Virtuix Omni has clarified to VRFocus that the new shipping date for the device is not a delay, rather the date for all new orders from here on out. Those with Kickstarter pre-orders etc can still expect their units to ship in July.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Virtuix Omni platform has suffered another delay to shipping this week. The omni-directional treadmill, which is designed for use with virtual reality (VR) titles, now expects to make its first shipments in September 2014, as listed on its official purchase page. The device had previously been delayed to July 2014, originally planning to first ship last January. No reason has been given for the delay just yet, thought VRFocus has reached out to the company.


It’s still retaining its $499 USD price tag, however. For that price you’ll get the platform, a pair of shoes to use on it, a support harness, tracking software and hardware, a TRAVR demo that showcases the hardware’s abilities and a 1-year warranty. However you’ll have to supply to Oculus Rift VR headset, controllers and PC yourself, plus the additional shipping costs.

The Virtuix Omni is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran in 2013. VRFocus interviewed CEO Jan Goetgeluk about the device at the Game Developers Conference 2014 last month. VRFocus will continue to report on the Virtuix Omni and all other VR-supported peripherals.

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  1. You had me worried for a moment VRFocus! I checked with Virtuix and the September date on the website is for new/recent orders only. The Omni is still scheduled to begin shipping in July to Kickstarter backers. Preorders will then be sent out based on the order in which they were placed, which is why that date on the website keeps getting pushed back periodically – it’s for anyone looking to order the Omni now. Hope that clears up any confusion!

    BTW, loving all your VR coverage. Keep up the great work!

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